Starting is the hardest part of writing


A webcomic.

That’s my current goal. To take one of these story concepts that are littering my computer and my brain, and turn it into something. Simple as that. I want to tell a story. But boy howdy: when I sit down to try and create some semblance of a script, it just kinda falls apart and turns into mush.

I know I can string together words to form a coherent sentence. Heck: I’m doing it right now! Lookitmeeee…..

It’s weird. I’ve taken scripts and turned them into art before. In fact: I’m actually at my best from a work ethic standpoint when someone is actively feeding me things to draw. For example:

“Hey, Tim: I need a page showing a group of warriors fighting a race of dog people. They should have swords and stuff. Leave room for words.”

BOOM! Here’s an 11×17 page depicting that. I can do THAT! I can do that ALL DAY! Now I just need to make my own race of dog people to draw… or something…

Writing webcomics. That’s a thing. I’ve got my format figured out, well, until I change my mind again. The story I want to tell with this first one is quite sustainable. I’ve got all these little sequences in my head. Now I just need to put them into words, and apply some glue and twine between them so they make sense to someone in the real world.

I’ve got super-awesome writer friends that have offered to help me out and take on scripting duties. Buuuuut… I’m kind of at a point where I really feel like I need to learn to do this on my own. Prove to myself that I can and all that. Which is weird, because I’m old now and hate doing new things. *shakes cane at clouds*

Plus: when the inevitable fame and riches come my way from my obscure webcomic that like tens of people will read, I don’t have to share my giant pile of money and treasure.

So there’s that.