Sea Lions – The Belligerent Drunks of the Ocean

Being that this is our first spring living in Oregon, my wife and I decided to go for a drive this past Sunday. Since I’m a Goonies fan, and it happens to be a very nice place to visit, we decided to make the hour or so drive out to Astoria.

We grabbed lunch at one of the towns many brew pubs, and decided to walk around town a bit. Astoria really is a lovely place. It’s definitely a tourist destination, but that doesn’t have to always be a bad thing. Plus: being able to see all the locations used in Goonies is kind of a trip. As we were walking down the pier (where the Fratelli’s had their daring car chase at the beginning of the film), we heard the distinctive ‘Arf! Arf!’ sound of sea lions ahead of us.

Excitedly, we quickened our pace to go see them. Keep in mind that Carolyn and I are new to this whole ‘being anywhere near an ocean’ thing, so seeing thing like sea lions in the wild is still a huge novelty. Plus, it’s sea lions! Obviously we’d seen them in zoos swimming around in their little water tanks. And if you’ve been on Pinterest at least once, you’re bound to come across at least one adorable baby sea lion photo. They’re like big otters, right? Giant, stupidly cute, otters. Continue reading “Sea Lions – The Belligerent Drunks of the Ocean”