Welcome to Random Whatever, the personal blog of Tim Wilsie.

I’m an illustrator currently residing just outside Portland, Oregon. I have a love for creating art, and a passion for telling stories. People also tell me I’m a pretty nice guy.

I love to work with companies and people to help bring ideas to life. My client list includes everything from Fortune 50 companies to commissions for individuals.

Want to find out more? View my LinkedIn profile for the scoop on where I’ve been, or follow me on Twitter to see where I’m at presently.

I’m available for all types of projects: sketches, character design, storyboards, concept art, or even something new. Interested? Head over to my contact page to let me know what project I can work on for you.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I saw your post on getting started and you’re right – it is the hardest part. I spent 20 years writing (creative director and copywriter at my own print ad agency) and after a lot of struggle I finally figured out how to do it: just damned well do it. Write. Start writing. Keep on writing. Don’t look back even though you know what you wrote so far is wrong (or at least not quite right). Keep going all day (I did say don’t look back). Don’t stop just because it’s midnight – keep writing. Then when you finally can’t continue, at maybe 2:37 AM, go to bed and sleep as long as you want to. Then get up but don’t look at what you wrote. Have breakfast. Go out and pick up the coffee beans you’re out of. Come back home and squander the rest of the morning. Then about mid-afternoon, maybe after a beer or a glass of wine, look at what you wrote last night. You’re far enough away from it to have the perspective you need so that NOW – finally, damn it – you can pull all of it together and it ends up great.

    Just do it. You can thank me later 🙂

      1. I have no idea how that happened. Feel free to move it or to delete it – it’s your blog 🙂

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